Single Session Therapy.

Focused, solution-oriented support in one session.

What is Single Session Therapy?

Single Session Therapy is a model of counselling that approaches each session as if it were the last. Unlike traditional counselling, where the first session is often consumed by a detailed intake process and background history, Single Session Therapy focuses on your most immediate issue, defining a clear, specific goal to work towards. During your 90 minute consultation you receive focused, solution-oriented support and leave with insight, a forward plan and any relevant tools and resources. We follow-up a few weeks later to check in and decide if you have what you need or would like further support.

Why Single Session Therapy?

One-Off Support

Navigating a stressful event or turbulent time in your life? Get focused, solution-oriented support with SST, when you need it most.

Intermediary Support

On a three-month waitlist for ongoing help? Intermediary support offered through SST provides specific, immediate coping strategies.

Boost Personal Growth

Looking to boost personal growth? Intermittent SST can enhance self-awareness and push the boundaries of your growth edge.

Irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, the consistent outcome of Single Session Therapy is gaining clarity, finding answers and creating a strategy for you to make impactful, positive change.

Will one session really be enough?

Single Session Therapy is not a ‘one and done’ counselling solution. Rather, the principle is a ‘one at a time’ therapy service that provides immediate, relevant support on a specific issue. It is not uncommon for a single session to meet your immediate needs and could be sufficient to overcome a challenge.

Further help is available if needed. Typically we explore this during your Follow-Up call, having allowed time to digest, reflect and act upon the takeaways from your first session. In some circumstances we may agree at the conclusion of your consultation that continued support would be more suited to you.

Additional support can be in the format of another Single Session Therapy appointment or a number of standard, 50 minute counselling sessions (60 minutes for couples). Alternatively, later down the track you might come up against another challenge and seek out Single Session Therapy once more.

Available in Karratha and online Australia-wide!

Mindbright is based in Karratha, in the Pilbara region of North-West Australia where our services are available from our counselling room. Being in a regional town, we know only too well the challenges faced in accessing support in more remote areas so we offer all of our services online, Australia-wide. We use the most secure and reliable software, compliant with the strictest possible sets of privacy legislation around the world so you receive the absolute best there is in online counselling in Australia.

What's Included?
Exploration Exercise:

pre-consult activities via client portal

90-minute Consultation:

face-to-face in Karratha or via our secure video platform

Summary & Forward Plan:

detailed outline of your session

Tailored Toolkit:

personalised resources to support your learning


15-minute follow-up call in 4 weeks time

Lifetime Access:

your resources available indefinitely via client portal

Single Session Therapy Booking Options

A neutral space. A new perspective.

Get the best of both worlds by combining a face-to-face consultation with the convenience of our secure online client portal. You have access to your pre-consult activities and further resources after your consultation all from the convenience of your device.

At a time and place that suits you.

Online counselling does not mean you have to compromise. We use the most secure and reliable software, compliant with the strictest possible sets of privacy legislation around the world. You receive the absolute best there is in online counselling in Australia.

Ready for a change?
Mindbright is here to help! Booking your Single Session Therapy appointment online is the most convenient way to lock in the therapist, date & time you want.