Ongoing support for challenging times.

Continued support with Counselling

Would regular support over a number of weeks or months be more suited to you? Perhaps as an outcome of Single Session Therapy you have come across an issue that you feel warrants additional ongoing support? Whatever the reason, it is important that you receive the kind of help you feel you need.

Mindbright provides ongoing counselling to individuals and couples in Karratha, and online Australia-wide. The support you receive will depend on your individual needs and circumstances however may include having someone who:

  • Listens
  • Explores your past
  • Teaches you new skills
  • Challenges your beliefs
  • Provides relevant resources
  • Guides you to set goals
  • Supports you to explore and express emotions

Ongoing counselling evolves more organically than Single Session Therapy, with the flow of each session meeting you exactly where you are on that day.

What can I expect?

Your first session involves a detailed intake and background exploration along with gaining an understanding of what it is you wish to achieve in counselling.

Depending on your goals, we may spend time exploring how past experiences are showing up today, support you to process overwhelming feelings or develop skills and introduce tools for you to traverse challenging times.

Reflections are sometimes offered to help in developing insight, a deeper understanding or alternative perspectives. Other times, you may just need a space to offload and feel heard and understood.

We periodically check in on how you are progressing towards your initial goals and whether continued support is still meeting your needs.

Counselling Booking Options

A happier, healthier you.

Life can be hard, doing it alone can be harder. Mindbright combines evidence-based counselling techniques with the support and guidance you need to move forwards. Helping you develop skills and create a mindset conducive to positive, long-lasting change.

A better future. Together or apart.

Whether you want to work it out or work out a way to part ways amicably, we come together to solve current problems. Enabling you to “re-frame” your reactions, providing valuable tools to communicate successfully and navigate obstacles together.

Ready for a change?
Mindbright is here to help! Booking your Single Session Therapy appointment online is the most convenient way to lock in the therapist, date & time you want.