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Supporting your business, nurturing success.

Solution focused support, tangible outcomes.

Whether you are looking for a locally owned and operated business to entrust with the wellbeing of your staff, or you need some immediate support to navigate a workplace incident, Mindbright is here to help.

Employee Assistance Programs

Looking for an affordable, professional counselling service for your Employee Assistance Program? Mindbright offers a local solution for workplace mental health through expert, in-person counselling and workshops.

We harness our skills in counselling with specialist training in Single Session Therapy to provide expert, solution-oriented support to ensure that every session counts.

When you invest in the wellbeing of your staff you are prioritising performance and productivity in your business. With no management fee and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, at Mindbright you only pay for what you need.

Have mobile teams working across the Pilbara? Not a problem! With the best there is to offer in secure online platforms, we can also deliver support online, Australia-wide. So wherever your team is we can reach them.


Access. expert solution-oriented counselling to resolve workplace or personal issues that often get in the way of a job well done.

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Motivation & Fatigue
  • Grief & Loss
  • Work, Career & Retirement

Take a proactive approach to workplace mental health through workshops and presentations.

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management Skills
  • Stress & Anxiety at Work


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Critical Incident Support

If you are here because something unexpected and significant has rocked the foundations of your business, rest assured you are in the right place.

Workplace incidents can affect individuals in very different ways, including feelings of grief and shock attributed to the incident itself or stress related to the ramifications for a business.

In addition to expertise in counselling, our specialist training in Single Session Therapy offers an extremely effective option where immediate, short-term help is required. It provides an approach to counselling that ensures a single session is successful in its own right. Purposefully focused on the immediate situation, the format of Single Session Therapy lends itself to managing the acute phase of a critical incident, placing emphasis on the skills and resources individuals have at hand to traverse challenging times.

Critical Incidents

Whilst some workplaces are more susceptible to traumatic experiences than others, such as emergency response work, a traumatic event can occur in any workplace. Circumstances that may require critical incident support include:

  • Workplace injury or death
  • Workplace suicide or attempt
  • Assault or abuse
  • Robbery
  • Serious illness or diagnosis of a colleague
  • Violence, workplace conflict or fights
  • Bullying or harassment
Professional Support

Mindbright provides the support needed to effectively navigate turbulent times and get your business back on its feet.

  • Immediate support for the victims of trauma
  • Information sessions on how to manage Acute Stress Response and look out for signs of stress.
  • Short-term support or on-going counselling for staff affected by trauma or stress.

Mental clarity. Peace of mind.

Single Session Therapy perfectly complements a residential retreat. Our experience in the delivery of impactful, standalone consultations means that your participants have access to immediate, relevant support, particularly effective in gaining clarity of mind

Maximise the impact of your retreat.

The success of a retreat from the perspective of participants is determined by their ability to remain open and receptive to their experience. It’s common for difficult feelings or memories to arise in environments that facilitate the time, space, and support needed to reflect.

Rather than moving through the experience, feelings of overwhelm can cause us to resist a shift, in turn limiting our capacity to move forward. Alternatively, we may rush through an experience, not allowing the time and space to sit with the significance of a change. In either case, the result is that the perceived value and benefit participants attribute to the retreat is curtailed.

Having a therapist available provides support to enable participants to boost their experience, and the value of your retreat can be fully realised.

Contact us now to discuss how we can work together and make your retreat a success.

Is it a good fit for my business?


Delivering an effective single session takes skill. Our practitioners are specially trained and appropriately qualified in their field.

Remote Delivery

We are set up to deliver in-person or remotely. So wherever your team is we can reach them.


We provide service agreements, maintain relevant insurance and all our practitioners are industry registered.

An evidence-based approach that adopts an intentional, purposeful format, providing focused, solution-oriented support in one session.

Ready for a change?
Mindbright is here to help! Booking your Single Session Therapy appointment online is the most convenient way to lock in the therapist, date & time you want.