Are you a motivated allied health professional or admin superstar that really cares about your job and loves being a valued part of a team?

Having had an eclectic career across multiple industries from family-run to multinational corporations, I have a firm grasp on the highs and lows of company culture. Bottom line? A strong business needs a strong team. I want your experience working at Mindbright to be the type that sees you staying put, growing with us and sharing in our success. I am committed to doing everything I can to make that a reality. Are you?

Mindbright opened its doors in 2017. A typical counselling practice in the not-so-typical town of Karratha, a mining town in the Pilbara region of WA, Mindbright established a successful and well-regarded service. Since then, the business has matured, and its direction refined. In 2022 Mindbright relaunched its service offering to meet the needs of those who’s lifestyle or circumstances demand something different.

Adopting a Single Session Therapy (SST) delivery model, Mindbright offers one-at-a-time counselling whilst retaining the value offered by an eclectic approach to therapeutic interventions. The service has the capacity to be delivered exclusively online or in combination with face-to-face consultations. Mindbright further provides SST services to businesses and organisations to support critical incidents in the workplace and residential retreats wanting therapeutic support for participants.

Much like our clients, you are also looking for something different. Realistic caseloads, competitive pay and flexible working. As a skilled practitioner you appreciate the autonomy to apply your knowledge appropriately whilst being supported by defined operational policy and procedures.

You maintain self-awareness through a long-standing commitment to your own growth in addition to ongoing supervisory support. You are the type of person who does not shy away from accountability whether attributed to a success or blunder. You are self-driven, proactive, and thorough both in your work and continued education. Most importantly you are deeply passionate about supporting others to achieve their full potential.

If this sounds like you then we’d love to have you onboard!

Ready for a change?
Mindbright is here to help! Booking your Single Session Therapy appointment online is the most convenient way to lock in the therapist, date & time you want.