The right kind of help.

When you need it most.

How Can SST Help?

One-Off Support

Navigating a stressful event or turbulent time in your life? Get focused, solution-oriented support with SST, when you need it most.

Intermediary Support

On a three-month waitlist for ongoing help? Intermediary support offered through SST provides specific, immediate coping strategies.

Boost Personal Growth

Looking to boost personal growth? Intermittent SST can enhance self-awareness and push the boundaries of your growth edge.

Irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, the consistent outcome of Single Session Therapy is gaining clarity, finding answers and creating a strategy for you to make impactful, positive change.

Gain clarity. Find answers. Create a strategy for impactful, positive change.

Is SST right for me?

Common circumstances for which people seek out SST include:

Emotional turbulence:

feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious

Unexpected events:

car accidents, witness to a crime, sudden break ups, death

Sensitive anniversaries:

anniversary of a death or traumatic event

Life transitions:

getting married, becoming a parent or moving out of home

Significant change:

moving home/state/country, starting a new job

Ready for a change?
Mindbright is here to help! Booking your Single Session Therapy appointment online is the most convenient way to lock in the therapist, date & time you want.