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You can find our most frequently asked questions about what to expect, how to prepare and how much an appointment will cost below. If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to get in touch via the form on this page or contact us. We are here to help!

Only you can decide. In short, if you think Single Session Therapy might be helpful then it most likely will be. The benefits of Single Session Therapy are consistent across age, gender, nationality, and matter of concern.


Mindbright offers Individual Counselling and Couples Counselling.

Whether you feel ongoing counselling over a number of weeks or months would be more suited or, as an outcome of Single Session Therapy have come across an issue that warrants additional support, it is important that you receive the kind of help you feel you need.

Whilst not a prerequisite to accessing ongoing counselling, new clients are encouraged to consider starting with Single Session Therapy. The rationale behind this approach is based on research findings that the most common number of therapy sessions attended is actually one. With the majority of those who only attend one session leaving satisfied, having got what they needed.

However, there is no way of determining who’s needs will be met by a single session and who will ultimately choose to have a bit more support. So starting with Single Session Therapy offers a win-win. One session could turn out to be all you need and if you need more, we can build on all the work and learning from your initial Single Session Therapy appointment.

All appointments can be booked here.

Individual 50-minute counselling is $185

Couples 60-minute counselling is $250

Single Session Therapy is $395 and includes:

  • Pre-consult activities via client portal
  • 90-minute consultation
  • Personal summary and forward plan
  • Tailored toolkit and resources to support learning
  • Follow-up call after 4 weeks
  • Indefinite access to your resources on the client portal

Pricing for corporate services, including critical workplace incidents and Single Session Therapy for retreats are quoted on a case-by-case basis. To enquire please Contact Us.

Mindbright offers a self-refer, self-pay service model. Rebates are not available.

All of our services are available online and in-person at our practice room in Karratha, WA.

Corporate services, including critical workplace incident support and Single Session Therapy for retreats can be offered online or in-person, where logistically possible.


Single Session Therapy is a great option for couples that want to address a specific issue. Conflicting work and family commitments can make it hard to find time for ongoing therapy. Single Session Therapy works well for couples who are committed to making changes and driven to apply and practice the tools and skills we explore during our session. If there are a few issues you wish to address, or the issue is more complex, intermittent Single Session Therapy will allow us to focus on one issue, or one aspect of a more complex issue, at a time.

Yes, quite different.

There are two ways to describe a single session, a single session by default or by design.

A single session by default happens when there is no mutually, pre-agreed intention to only commit to a single session. You simply decide at the conclusion of the session that you no longer need, or wish to continue.

A single session by design is delivered intentionally, where you and the therapist are committed and prepared to work together to achieve as much as possible, knowing that this is the only time you have.

We have trained to successfully deliver Single Session Therapy and the format we use at Mindbright has been intentionally designed to ensure we maximise the time we have and you leave with exactly what you need.


Singles Session Therapy is not a ‘one-and-done’ approach to therapy. It is best described as ‘one-at-a-time’.

Think of Single Session Therapy as a ‘step-change’ approach. You come with an immediate issue, we take a targeted and focused approach to addressing that issue and you leave with insight and tools to affect change. You digest, reflect and apply the learning and skills you take from your session. After some time (we recommend no less than 3 weeks ) you decide whether or not more support would be helpful.

For some, a single session may be all that you need. For others it may be the first step. Later down the track you may come up against a new challenge, or  the old challenge may resurface in a new way, and you choose to return to Single Session Therapy for further support.

The trust and understanding you build with your therapist is referred to in counselling as ‘rapport’. A good rapport is important because it can improve the success of counselling. Whilst it makes sense to assume that this takes time to develop, the therapeutic relationship is formed in Single Session Therapy much like in any other counselling format.

A good counselling relationship requires us to be on the same page, work together and have trust. This is achieved through good communication, clearly defined goals and managing expectations. In Single Session Therapy we are aligned in our goal to work together and focus on a defined, specific issue during the time with have. We also agree that whilst a single session may be all that is required, further support is available if needed.

Whilst the time spent together is relatively brief, Single Session Therapy at Mindbright is comprehensive and offers multiple contact points throughout to ensure a depth of understanding and sense of connectedness

Yes and no. Single Session Therapy can be an incredibly effective approach to crisis counselling. However, crisis counselling is exclusively used to manage the impact of a critical incident, specifically the stress and trauma attributed to a significant event. Single Session Therapy can absolutely provide that level of support and also is a valuable approach to counselling in many other scenarios outside of crisis care.

Single Session Therapy at Mindbright certainly adopts a solution-oriented perspective. We do identify goals, consider obstacles and explore ways to get you there. There is also a depth to our work which goes beyond the limits of life coaching. We are qualified, registered practitioners with education in counselling and psychology and we apply our skills and knowledge, along with specialist training in Single Session Therapy, in our work.

Additional sessions can certainly be arranged however we recommend a gap of no less than three weeks. This gives you sufficient time to absorb, implement, and reflect on what we discuss.

Single Session Therapy is designed to help you work through a specific challenge that you’re facing. The extended consultation ensures we have time to gain a thorough understanding of the problem as well as what a future without the problem could look like and how to get there.

Whilst every session is different, a typical Single Session Therapy consultation starts with an exploration into the issue you wish to address, getting clear on the key concern and what you hope to achieve during the time available. Next we deepen our understanding of the issue and pinpoint attainable outcomes. We will then identify skills and resources that may support you and, if you do not already possess them, how they can be acquired. It is common for there to be a short interval of about 10 minutes for reflection prior to coming back together to offer any final insights, summarise, and refine your forward plan.

Because Single Session Therapy may be the one and only opportunity for your therapist to support you, we work hard to keep the session focused, intentional and on track. Whilst not always the case, it is common for the therapist to offer more direct feedback and reflection than would occur in the first of multiple counselling sessions.

The optional follow-up is a 15 minute call to check in on your progress and provide any clarification and encouragement for you to apply the skills you learned in your consultation.

Our aim is for Single Session Therapy to be valuable. We evaluate the impact of Single Session Therapy formally using a measure called the Outcome Rating Scale. You fill out the scale as part of your pre-consult activities and then again during your follow-up.

Online consultations are run through a secure video platform. You don’t need to download anything; simply click on the link you receive in your confirmation email or reminder. You will, however, need to download the free Quenza app to access the client portal.

Whilst we are unable to extend sessions to accommodate late arrivals, we do our best to maximise the time we have remaining.

For online appointments, allow sufficient time prior to the beginning of your session to ensure your device is fully charged, connected to the internet and your microphone and camera are functioning.

Full refunds are available for cancellations made no later than 72hrs prior to your scheduled start time. Should you need to cancel within 72hrs of your consultation, a refund will not be available. In exceptional circumstances and at our discretion, an alternative session time may be offered where available. For further details please see our Refund & Cancellation Policy.

As registered practitioners, all Mindbright therapists are bound by their respective Code of Ethics which include guidelines on maintaining client confidentiality. More details can be found in our Confidentiality Policy.

No. You can simply book without going through any other medical system or anything going on your medical records.

Seeking out help for your mental health is a brave step. If you or someone you know requires immediate support, here are some resources that can help.

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