Confidentiality Policy

Mindbright and its employees commit to providing a counselling service that maintains complete client confidentiality both in regards to attendance, session content and any records or notes taken and retained during the provision of counselling services.

There are exceptional circumstances where it may not be possible to uphold confidentiality. As per the ACA Code of Ethics these circumstances include:

  • Where the counsellor believes that the client or another person is at risk of harm.
  • Where the counsellor is required to do so by law.

In all cases consent to change the agreement regarding confidentiality will always be sought from clients first. In any case, disclosure of information will be restricted to relevant information only and be conveyed only to appropriate people for appropriate reasons.

In the event of a chance meeting during day to day routines outside of the counselling appointment and in order to maintain your confidentiality it is our policy not to initiate a greeting in public. You are welcome to do so.

Where mutual social contacts become apparent or common activities mean regular contact outside of a counselling appointment, we will discuss whether continuing the counselling relationship remains appropriate and comfortable for you.

Where face to face appointments are offered client sessions will be scheduled to allow adequate time between sessions to avoid cross-over. However, where this is not possible you are asked to be mindful of the rights to confidentiality of other clients attending sessions

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